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The Westminster Studio Series

Performance Platforms for the Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ

Studio Series Design Objectives

Westminster Studio Series models have been designed to provide superior quality resources for the presentation of the superb sample sets available to Hauptwerk users of many of the worlds great organs. They include substantially built consoles more suitable to the rigors of institutional usage than the more minimalist solutions typically available. They also include premium grade computer resources specifically tailored to Hauptwerk needs for recent very large sample sets. Sample sets ordered through us at the time of purchase will be installed and configured at no additional charge, providing a one stop, ready to play solution. Studio Series organs will also appeal to private parties desiring an instrument with these capabilities in a more upscale realization than typically available elsewhere.

Westminster Studio Series & Hauptwerk as a teaching resource

Westminster Studio Series models can be an invaluable resource for the organ student. This will be especially true in the typical institutional organ department with a somewhat limited number of students. Few institutions have the wherewithal to be able to provide multiple instruments representing the wide variety of organbuilding styles represented by the repertoire being studied by the student organist. Westminster and Hauptwerk can go a long way toward closing this resource gap.
Historic Instruments
There can be little doubt as to the value of student exposure to instruments of the type for which the compositions being studied were conceived. Indeed such exposure is a requisite to an historically informed performance. While we might not all agree on the need for a slavish adherence to the limitations inherent in historic models, it is, nevertheless, imperative that the serious student understand these limitations and considerations.
A lthough some of the Hauptwerk sample sets are available in "dry" versions for usage in larger acoustical spaces, almost all are available in versions that present the natural acoustical ambiance of the sampled instrument. This helps the student develop an understanding of the tempi and articulation appropriate to the repertoire under consideration as if performed in its native environment. A very useful tool when appropriate instruments are not readily available.
Temperaments and Tuning
H auptwerk sample sets are recorded in the temperaments to which the organ is tuned at the time of the sampling. Random tuning errors typical of any instrument which were present at the sampling are also included. Both temperament and tuning error can be overridden, demonstrating their effect on the music to the student. Sampled organs can also be presented in other temperaments. The Hauptwerk software standardly includes some twenty different  temperaments. Suddenly the subject comes alive as something more than academic talking points when the differences are readily apparent!
Console Controls and Configuration
O ne of the more nebulous aspects of organ pedagogy concerns the teaching of what might be thought of as the interface architecture of the instrument. This varies considerably, of course, with the period and nationalistic style of the instrument.

In perhaps no other style is an understanding of the historic console configuration so important as that of Cavaill?Coll and the unprecedented amount of repertoire that this builder engendered. The great flexibility of the Studio Series  models and the Hauptwerk software allows configuration of the keyboard order as desired, including the typical French order of Grande Orgue, Positif, R?cit, Bombarde or Solo. Toestuds of the Studio Series organs, normally configured in the American manner to include 10 general combinations, 5 Pedal combinations and reversibles for manual to pedal couplers and tutti, can also be configured to control tirasses, accouplements, ventils and tremulants if desired for a particular organ. Such special arrangements can be provided separately for each sample set. There is no need to make global changes in the Hauptwerk configuration to achieve the specific requirements of an individual sample set. As multiple sample sets can be cached as "standby", it's practical to utilize them within a given program, it taking only a short time to load a different instrument and its configuration.

Optionally available is a custom interchangeable pedalboard designed to present a relationship with the manual keyboards somewhat more authentic for the performance of baroque literature. This thirty note pedalboard has short keys in a flat parallel configuration less recessed under the manuals, encouraging an "all toes" technique with the attendant articulations that that implies.

For more detailed information on our Studio Series Hauptwerk performance platforms continue to the Features and Specifications page.

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