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Other Custom Hauptwerk Applications

We've offered here several example applications of Hauptwerk for new instruments. Our Studio Series addresses the needs of institutions, private teachers and the student for a performance platform able to accommodate a wide variety of sample sets in a single instrument. Westminster custom organs can provide via those sample sets single specification instruments in a wide variety of styles suitable for any situation.

The tremendous versatility of the Hauptwerk software makes it adaptable to a number of other applications.

Electronic organ conversions

Do you have an electronic organ whose console has been lovingly maintained, is in very good condition and is of standard dimensions, but whose tone generation has always been, shall we say, substantially less than desirable? Amplifiers crackly? Speakers failing? If so, you may be an excellent candidate for conversion to a fine Hauptwerk based Westminster organ.

Westminster Organ Works will be happy to consider on a case by case basis undertaking upgrade projects involving well built  preexisting consoles.

This approach can result in considerable savings in many cases so can represent a significant stewardship of (usually quite finite) resources. Please inquire.

Stop additions to existing pipe organs

Many existing pipe organs are good candidates for the addition of virtual  pipe organ stops. Reasons for such additions vary. In many cases limitations of available space has been a problem for the organ builder, thus not allowing for provision of appropriate pipework. In such cases provision of virtual pipes may be the only alternative.

In other cases, tonal design of the existing instrument may be found to be attractive enough, but limited in some aspect such as versatility for choral accompaniment.

Besides spatial and tonal considerations other technical details such as existing organ switching will need to be considered in assessing your particular needs. We welcome the opportunity of working with you. Please inquire.

Console and switching upgrades

 (and rebuilding of existing organ resources)
The Westminster staff is well equipped to undertake the rebuilding of existing instruments. In the rebuilding of electric action organs it is usually necessary to rewire the instrument in order to comply with the electrical codes. The codes no longer allow cotton covered wire or friction tape, both highly flammable. Practically speaking, it's generally been found to be the  most cost-effective course of action to replace all of the organ's switching apparatus.

Hauptwerk can readily meet the software needs of this transition wholly or in part dependant on particulars of the situation, and is even more appropriate if additions such as those discussed above are being contemplated.

Again, please inquire. We'd love to have the opportunity of helping you achieve the organ of your dreams!

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