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The Westminster Modular Organ Concept

An example based on the Lavender Audio sample set of the Haverhill Binns organ

One of the sample sets especially well suited to our modular organ concept is the extended set by Lavender Audio of the James Jepson Binns organ in the Old Independent Church, Haverhill, Old Independent Church, Haverhill, Suffolk, Binns organSuffolk. This set provides a well rounded specification representing 58 speaking stops, easily able to meet the most demanding needs of the typical situation.

Let's begin with the premises that available funds are limited to the extent that no pipe resources can be considered in the initial installation and that an ultimate specification similar to that of the Haverhill sample set is desired.

A few modifications of the set (some simply representing nomenclature differences) reflecting long range pipework objectives might yield the following:





Double Open Diapason 16

Bourdon 16

Geigen Diapason 8

Double Open Wood


Open Diapason 8

Viol di Gamba 8

Open Wood 16

Open Diapason 8

Stopt Diapason 8

Viol Celestes

Open Diapason (Gt) 16

Viola 8

Viole d?Orchestre 8

Concert Flute 8

Bourdon 16

Hohl Flute 8

Viola 8

Dolce 8

Viola 16

Stopt Diapason

Voix Celestes 8

Unda Maris (tenor C)

Quint 10 2/3

Principal 4

Principal 4


Principal 8

Suabe Flute

Fl?te Harmonique1

Stopped Flute

Bass Flute 8

2 2/3


2 2/3

Fifteenth 4

Fifteenth 2

Plein Jeu3

Flautina 2

Choral Bass



1 3/5


Trumpet 8

Bassoon 16

English Horn4

Contra Trombone


Trumpet 8

Cremona 8

Trombone 16

Trumpet en Chamade 8

Hautboy 8


Bassoon (Sw) 16

Clarion 4


Tromba 8

Swell to Great


Trumpet en Chamade 8


Swell octave to Great


Swell suboctave to Great

Swell octave

Great to Pedal

Choir to Great

Swell suboctave

Choir octave

Swell to Pedal

Choir octave to Great

Swell unison off

Choir suboctave

Swell to Pedal Octave

Choir suboctave to Great

Choir to Swell

Choir unison off

Choir to Pedal

Great Basscoupler

Swell to Choir

Choir to Pedal Octave

    Suabe Flute 4 in phase 1 specification
2      Fifteenth 2 in phase 1 specification
3    Mixture IV-II in phase 1 specification
   Orchestral Oboe 8 in phase 1 specification

Phase 1

The initial installation program will include the console, with appropriate accessories, and a full implementation of the specification utilizing the resources of the sample set. Audio resources will be custom tailored to the needs of the building. A fully functional instrument of considerable flexibility has been provided.

Phase 2

Phase 2 will begin the provision of  pipe resources for the Great division. This is the best place to begin our upgrades as the principal chorus of the Great Organ invariably provides superior support for congregational singing when of real pipes. In our hypothetical situation we'll assume that we anticipate eventual installation of the pipework provided by Westminster pipe modules specification 4M. We'll further assume that our building is of meetinghouse type architecture of a size where a full 8' facade is appropriate. Accordingly, we'll select the standard Westminster Georgian style casework appropriate for the pipe module selected. Alas, available funds don't allow installation of the full module. The solution is to provide the casework and chassis  of the eventual installation and the pipework that the budget for phase 2 will allow. Phase 3 will complete the Great pipework. Casework and mechanism for both are installed in phase 2 in order to minimize additional expense of provision. If eventual transition to all pipes is desired a more individualized solution will be required.

Windchests required for Westminster Pipe Modules Specification 4M
Westminster Georgian Tall style casework to accommodate
Blower and wind system of appropriate capacity
Software revision, driver hardware  and wiring
Pipework of the Bourdon/Stopped Diapason, Open Diapason and Principal stops

Phase 3

Software revision and wiring required for this phase
Pipework of the Twelfth, Fifteenth, Mixture and Trumpet stops

Phase 4

Phases 4 and 5 provide pipework and associated support mechanism for the Swell division. For this we will use Westminster Pipe Module specification S7. For this particular application we will modify the standard specification to include a larger scale principal than the standard Geigen. (A principal of Geigen scale will later be included in the Choir.) In these two phases of the project the chestwork to accommodate the Plein Jeu will be installed in phase 4 as this stop is on the main chest. In this hypothetical example the pipes of the Plein Jeu will be installed in phase 5, as will chest and pipes of the Basson/Hautboy and Trumpet/Clarion. The latter stops are on unit chests which may conveniently constructed separately.

Pipe Modules Specification S7 windchests for Swell Main, Diapason/Principal and Flute/Octavin
Blower and wind system of appropriate capacity
Software revision, driver hardware  and wiring
Swell enclosure as required by the situation
Pipework of the Diapason/Principal, Stopt Diapason, Viola, Celeste, and Flute/Octavin stops

Phase 5

Software revision and wiring required for this phase
Windchests for the Bassoon/Hautboy and Trumpet/Clarion stops
Pipework of the Plein Jeu, Bassoon/Hautboy and Trumpet/Clarion stops

Phase 6

Phase 6 of our example provides pipework for the Choir division. For this phase a custom solution will be found to be the most expeditious as only the Geigen/Fugara is a unit rank of the stops to be provided. We'll assume that we anticipated installation of this phase and that the site permits installation of the Choir pipework in reasonable proximity to that of the Swell. That being the case the blower provided in phase 4 was sized to serve the Choir division as well.

Windchests for this phase
Wind system components specific to this phase
Software revision, driver hardware  and wiring
Swell enclosure as required by the situation
All pipework as indicated

Additional enhancements

We've highlighted a few possibilities. One of these is a horizontal Trumpet stop. Quite apart from its sonic contribution to ceremonial occasions, such a stop can provide a dramatic visual enhancement to the room. Also highlighted is provision of upperwork for the Pedal division. The greater the representation of pipework in the principal choruses the better!

Of course the possibilities extend beyond those of this example. What we've attempted to do here is to demonstrate some of what can be done and the considerations and planning needed to ensure an expeditious course of action. It would be our very great pleasure to have the privilege of working with you to develop a program to meet your specific needs.

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