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Specification  5           

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Open Diapason
2 2/3

56 pipes, notes 1-5 from organ resources1
61 pipes
61 pipes
61 pipes
1   Specification 5M: 61 pipes for M series or custom casework

Westminster Specification 5 is designed to provide a basic principal chorus in more acoustically intimate situations where a mixture is less needed. In such situations this specification can provide a very satisfying chorus well able to support congregational singing.


Our pipe modules can be installed in Westminster casework designed to accommodate them. They can also be installed in existing organ chambers if appropriately designed or in custom designed "window box" display.

Antiphonal divisions

Westminster pipe modules are well suited for usage as antiphonal divisions. Such divisions are sometimes helpful when the main organ is not well situated to propagate sound to the  far reaches of the nave. When so used, appropriate pedal resources need to be provided.
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